New Star Is Born

I am blessed through my travels to reflect many musicians along the way. Of the hundreds of shows I have attended over the years, it is rare that I become truly captivated and lost in the music. Do not get me wrong, I love music deeply and always appreciate it, yet sometimes you find something really magic. A spark, a passion, and a talent you do not see so often. Upon meeting Ashley Peacock, and reflecting him as he him performed that night, was exactly this.

I am so grateful to have captured these moments of you, and am beyond words really to say how sorry I am that you are gone. You were doing wonderful things and now there is a hole where you once were, in so many peoples hearts, and all that you are for the Flint community.

As one of my dearest friends said, a wise women indeed, “A light has gone out on planet earth, but somewhere in our Universe a new Star is being born.” – Rhonda Groves Young 

Your passing is truly a loss to this place, but I am sure as such a passionate being, you are shinning bright upon us still!

Thank you for being here, and farewell dear.

Love and light upon your soul.

*update* I remembered this morning about how when I first saw Building Birds play, I wanted to swoop then up and take them back to Europe with me on tour. At that point I had all the connections for such and I wished to share them with the world. Makes me wonder why we wait, and reminds me to step forward when I am inspired. Hoping we all will find our courage to reach out to one another and create beautiful things!

There will be a Celebration of Life for Ashley today, April 26th, for those would like to know more and attend, click here.

A GoFundMe has been set up for his children. Please give what you can.

Please dear friends and family, if you are ever having a difficult moment, know you are loved and needed. Do all you can to reach out to another, and believe that this feeling too shall pass.

Every life is a gift. Let’s share this journey through all that is, bad and good. It is all worth it, and so are you!

If you don’t feel like there is someone close you can reach out to, there are resources available also.

Available 24 hours everyday

It was difficult to choose which reflections of Ashley to share, so here are many…

You can hear his angelic voice and see his spirit here…

Obituary and other articles…

Cincinnati City Beat


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