Mermaid Soleil Site

Welcome to one of my many projects, Mermaid Soleil. Hope you will dive into the new site and follow along as another journey unfolds!

Love of Water

I had the pleasure of my first swim in the mermaid tail from Sea Sirens, Inc. – Mermaid Tails for Swimming that I got on my last visit to Florida. Being that I am back in Michigan it was a … Read More

the bus for me

the bus for me, a dream to be! here’s hoping, and seeking my bit of heaven. join me as i reflect on this converted bus as my future home, and please do share and thoughts and advice you have!


my little kindred soul, stella naia, my light beam of love. she steals my heart again and again… looks like we have another thing in common as she grows so beautifully, photography! how i love this girl, and am so … Read More

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