Mini Tiny Home

I found a mini tiny home and go for a visit to see if it could be the perfect home to roam. It is always a pleasure to see individuals ideas and heartfelt creations. Thanks to Dan for sharing!

Crossing America

We leave Florida and head north to Michigan. Just a moment in Michigan before we go south again, so do come along for the adventure!

A Day of Sun

It is our last day in Florida a moment, so we head down to Tarpon Springs for one of my favorites, Greek food! We also enjoy a stroll through the area, lots of boats and birds, complete with a stunningly … Read More

Beach Day

Lili and I spent the day wandering between beaches til sunset, from Dunedin to Pine Island.

Florida Springs Mermaids

We attended the Florida Springs Mermaids Meetup at Ginnie Springs. It was an absolutely beautiful area to explore with several springs and lots of mermaids! Thanks to Thomas for coming along for the adventure and filming so much! Thanks to … Read More

Paddle Board Launch Sites

We found some sites to launch the paddle board and got ideas for future adventures. Stopped through Rogers Park and explored Bayport Park. Come along and dream with us!

Camping the Grotto

Thanks to Scuba West Dive Shop for letting us camp at the grotto. Such a beautiful peaceful spot, plus we got to see lots of scuba divers in action!

Our Own Island

We finally had the opportunity to take out the paddle board for the first time. It is so great to have a little island of our own!

Mardi Gras

Lili and I visited Dunedin Florida for their Mardi Gras celebration. This was my first time attending such an event, so it was fun to see how the locals celebrate.

Return to the Mertailor

We return to the Mertailor shop. I needed to get my fin fixed after having to leave my old one in Europe. The one I ordered online needed its fins rounded as not to poke through my tail skin. Thanks … Read More

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