The Plantation

We stayed a night at the Plantation in Crystal River, and explored the area including the Yulee Sugar Mill, and a stop through to The Freezer for some shrimp! Feels good to be in Florida again! Thanks for being here … Read More

Mertailor New Line

We visit the Mertailor Shop in Crystal River, Florida, to pickup a new Guppy tail for the little Mermaid Elle, and get leggings and a top for me from the new line! I am also so excited to get to … Read More

Journey South

This time it is a journey for three, as Lili and I are joined by Thomas for this adventure. We make our way south to Florida stopping a moment in Kentucky to rest and visit the Berea Artisan Center. We … Read More

The Gypsy Queen

We visited the maker of the Gypsy Queen, and had the honor of a tour over a couples days time to get to know how she was built and works. I am dreaming of creating my own and finding a … Read More

Return to Michigan

It is time to leave Florida once again for a moment and return to Michigan…. onward we go.

Alligator Found

We attempted to paddle board out into the bay of Bayport Florida, but due to recent storms, we were stuck in the canal. We decided to make the most of it, and even found an alligator!

River Mermaid

We had our first chance to really set the van up for a night of camping. The next day we took to the river with our paddle boards and my tail in tow. Get your fabric tail and other mermaid … Read More

Mermaids Caught in a Storm

We expect to enjoy a sunny day at Alexander Springs, yet found ourselves caught in an unexpected storm. I almost lost my van to a tree too, but finally convinced the forest ranger to let me move it before it … Read More

Mermaids and Margaritas

Furmaid Lili and Mermaid Soleil made their way back to Florida for the Mermaids and Margaritas Festival as part of the Mertailor crew in Crystal River. There were lots of Artist there as well mermaids, so if you missed this … Read More

Destination Warmth

We were only in Michigan a moment, but it is time to head south again and find some warmth.

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