ema soleil is an artist in every element of life, a photographer, singer, traveler, caretaker, and so much more. she fills her days reflecting through her many artistic outlets, the people, places and events that she encounters on her adventures around the world, and the essence of the natural beauty she finds in her journey.

the natural world has always enchanted her and therefor her work is greatly in regards to such. she loves finding spirals growing, connecting with animals, reflecting people in their natural environment, even nudes in nature, as a means to express we too are nature. one and the same, yet each unique and beautiful.

she began playing with cameras as a small child and studied throughout her years the many elements of photography, from the darkroom to the studio. ema has since carried a camera along through all her days, growing with this fine art as it advances into this technological age.

now days she prefers to reflect places, and people in their natural environment, working with natural light. exploring individuals and reflecting back for them to see all their beauty and potential. she hopes her reflections create remembrance of cultures, places and a passion for what is worth preserving. through her lens she aims to share their unique message and gifts. to bring awareness of the effects we have on nature and all there is to protect, as well to share the wisdom and diversity of the many cultures worldwide.

she creates reflections of everything that captures her eye and enchants her. her love for children and their curiosity and innocence captures her heart as she reflects these precious moments, as well as families and the power of their connection, to individuals and their unique spirit. she specializing in dancers and musicians, special events such as weddings and births, and travel photography from each place she explores.

she also does event planning, interior design and webdesign to compliment her many arts, and bring individuals dreams to life.

it is also her desire to travel leaving as light a foot print as possible. she dreams to someday trade her wings for sails and live aboard, becoming a voice for our precious oceans and all that call it home. her love for the ocean goes back to her childhood, and continues to be an unwavering passion. do follow sailing soleil for more as the dream unfolds.

ema also is a mermaid, for the love for water, bringing her childhood passion forward to create a path with purpose, yet a playful touch to inspire youth, and all, to protect the waters, which ema so loves.

ema is a natural born singer. she was told by family that she sang before she spoke. ema currently continues to make music with musicians as she wanders this world wide. you can hear her singing in some songs here.

in some of her time not traveling, she creates worlds of her own with bits of nature and recycled goods. miniature faerie realms replicating our own.

all of her artistic creations are inspired by elements discovered through this journey of life, and her means to express gratitude for the moment. 

she hopes through sharing her life, you too will be inspired to grow, shine and share your unique self. she feels there is so much beauty and joy to be discovered in each moment, if only we choose to see, listen, feel, reflect, project, and share. it is her passion, to archive all the beauty she finds along her way. here, she hopes to do just that through her many projects.

do join ema to play together, connect, and co-create. she would love to meet you as she travels, so stay connected through outlets like Instagram too, to know where the path will lead.

she is ever changing, going with the flow, growing and seeking her light. finding ways to express all the divinity she may so shine as, all the love she is. it is her desire to be a gift to each she connects with along the way, with hopes to leave behind a better world every place she touches.

she loves to give and donates her energy and arts as she can. she often volunteers for community projects, organizations, or families and individuals lives where there is need, hoping to give back what she can, as she travels.

project gift is one form of this where she makes reflections for those who would not otherwise be able to afford a portrait. if you know someone who would benefit, find out more by contacting ema. we all deserve to have these memories to treasure, or that image that will help carry you into your dreams and success.

ema shines forth all her love, for each of you, and in gratitude for this wonderful life, through her many reflections and projections.

welcome to project soleil!

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