let’s create together!

i can help you create what you need to support building your dream. do you have a vision you would like to begin manifesting? together let’s create an online place for your art and/ or business. here are a few i have created thus far. these sites are all being shown on a wide screen with a full background image. sites refit to applicable screen. these websites are through wordpress and allow you to manage and update your site content as you prefer, once the site is established. today’s websites should be active and growing with new information to keep your viewers and clients returning for more. let’s work together to create this online presence for you. connect with me to know more.

Tryad Global

introducing tryad global. a place to archive all that this musical collaboration has been, and will be. follow them as the journey around the world creating music continues. many images reflected by project soleil, and you can hear me sing too.projectsoleil.net

Well Being By Sandy

this site was a redesign where we replicated her old site and upgraded and expanded the new site. i did the photos for the site layout also.

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Natasha Ragsdale

a new website for natasha. a writer, artist, actress, traveler and more… follow her here as she continues her journey and shares with you her many creative ventures.


Natural Reflections

 my old photography site, redone and now working mainly as a place holder to direct to my new projects.

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Pasong’s Cafe

this website is for a thai cafe in saginaw, michigan. the best in the state. if you are around, do check them out! the site combines both images by i and another photographer. through the site they hope to keep their clientele current with whats happening with the house.


The Captain’s Log

the captain’s log is designed to track the process as franck prepares to sail the world, as well to track his route once he departs for his voyage. photos for the design of this site by i also.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 5.30.23 PM

Sailing Soleil

this is the site i am creating to document my own process and dream to sail the world. i am designing the site with my paintings.

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Bones and Cones

this site is being built to help aid in a fundraiser to help make a dream come true.

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