okinawan goods

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thanks to my dear natasha for the lovely little care package from your island. such a treat to receive something in the mail! love you lady! thank you for thinking of me.

wix portfolio

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i have placed my portfolio on wix. with hopes to shoot for a travel magazine, or two others options. also so there are more places to find me online. this site also includes a price list for my photography. find … Read More

first day home

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it is so good to be home again. i am so enjoying being able to be outside and in the fresh air after four days inside. my neighbor who has recently moved away came for one last visit before her … Read More

cat scratch fever

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or in this case, a cat bite fever. my sweet cat got caught in a window that fell suddenly last thursday, and trapped her paws. in her panic, as i was trying to get the old window open again and … Read More

tip project soleil

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to help keep all going, i now have created a patreon site. join me, as the journey of my many artistic projects continue to grow, and carry me around the world. your support is greatly appreciated, beyond words!


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caught them kissing on my way in. too sweet!

natasha’s site

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i have completed the new site for my dear friend natasha. so pleased to have helped create this create space for her many artistic endeavors. do be sure to follow her as she travels the world and writes along the … Read More

business cards

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my business cards have arrived, yet i am sad to find that the blacks do not match and that the company did not catch this during the printing. the difference cannot be seen through the screen. i contacted the company … Read More

fruits of the season

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the garden is growing slowly, but surely. the first of the tomatoes have arrived. so sweet, miniature little heirlooms.  

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