almar orchards

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had a lovely visit to almar orchards, and enjoyed their organic local treats! do come along for the adventure… sending out a special thanks to almar orchard for their kind donation, to help keep project soleil growing! this is all … Read More

grand blanc homecoming

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had a lovely time this weekend with my family, and attending my little cousin’s first parade as a cheerleader. so sweet. you can watch below, and if you have a little one that attends grand blanc schools, see if i … Read More

kindred kizzy

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my dear companion kizzy has passed away this day. it seems to be the season for such, as this time for me is filled with anniversaries of so many loved ones passing, and more being added this year. kizzy was … Read More

last day

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i had a lovely last day visiting kizzy. as sad is it is to see her so withered from age, i am grateful we had a another moment together. her love shines as strong as ever… garden time at my … Read More

farewell vladimir

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my sweet little kitten that was all grown up now, and living at a farm outside paris the last few years, has passed away. he was such a sweet soul, and a relic from the days of restoring the abandoned … Read More

visiting freedom

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come along as we visit freedom, taste local charlevoix crepes, and get some great advice for any beginning sailor looking for their dream boat! i was so excited to finally meet this boat after having watched her online, and been … Read More

charlevoix birthday

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i had a wonderful adventure to the far north of the state of michigan for my birthday. landed for a few days in a lovely little spot on the canal between lake michigan and lake charelvoix. returning to the waters … Read More

lili is four

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happy birthday my sweet lili. so happy our paths came together to journey this world by each others side. i do so love you!

american sailing association

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i have been busy studying all i need to know to sail away someday. still some elements that i need to get onto the water to fully comprehend, such as learning the way the wind blows… and adjusting the sail … Read More

okinawan goods

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thanks to my dear natasha for the lovely little care package from your island. such a treat to receive something in the mail! love you lady! thank you for thinking of me.

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