soleil updates

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i have decided to begin a weekly update to fill in between my adventure vlog posts. so begins, soleil updates! i do hope this will help stay connected along the way as my journeys begin again. do join me for … Read More

new cards

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my new cards are here! the first batch i ordered had some printing issues, so the company was kind enough to credit me a reorder. happy these turned out great!

postcards are here

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I am so excited for my first batch of postcards! this is a project i have been dreaming of creating for many years now. as someone that loves to send postcards as i travel, i must easily send over a … Read More


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had a sweet time gifting the children of the neighborhood with treats. dressed lili as a ladybug, and i as a butterfly. spread your wings and dream… happy halloween! dressed up for hallows eve… butterfly kisses for you each! treats … Read More

hamilton street pub

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here is a little video for the hamilton street pub sunday night open mic. do come for drink and to enjoy the music, or bring your talents and share! i just might see you there while i am in the … Read More

stickers to share

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i am very excited as my first shipment of stickers has arrived! more sizes coming soon, but the bumper stickers are here! postcards are arriving soon!

a love story

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i had the pleasure of reflecting for a dear childhood friend after not having seen her in 22 years. so lovely to have a moment with her beautiful family. here is a sweet sample of what is to come…

gifts for thomas

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happy birthday, my sweet. treats and tools for the studio… with wishes to continue to grow in music and more together! infinite love for you!

almar orchards

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had a lovely visit to almar orchards, and enjoyed their organic local treats! do come along for the adventure… sending out a special thanks to almar orchard for their kind donation, to help keep project soleil growing! this is all … Read More

grand blanc homecoming

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had a lovely time this weekend with my family, and attending my little cousin’s first parade as a cheerleader. so sweet. you can watch below, and if you have a little one that attends grand blanc schools, see if i … Read More

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