a bus for a home

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i have been busy dreaming, and researching ways to begin my travel again and how i will spend my time on the mainland of america.

the idea of making a home that i can take on the road is nothing new and something i did for many years before my time in hawaii and europe. i had an old 1979 van that became my home and took me all over the west of america and even into canada for many years.

i took on caretaker jobs for peoples homes while they were away, and then would travel in my van to the next. it was several years of grand adventure and meeting so many wonderful people.

many of those loved ones are still scattered around the continent and i could easy make my way from place to place, exploring all in between and finding my dear ones here and there.

i have recently come across a converted blue bird bus nearby and have gone for a tour. i am feeling quite inspired that this may be the answer!

hoping to go for another visit soon and take a drive. feel what it is to manage something this large, yet i do believe i could do it.

feel free to check out my latest soleil updates on youtube and share your thoughts on a bus for a home.


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